aviation: Ita Airways: Lufthansa takes a stake of 41 percent


It is finished. After what felt like an endlessly long sales process with lots of back and forth, the announcement finally came yesterday evening that the deal between the Italian state and “Carsten Spohrs – Lufthansa” was a done deal.

After the LH Group had already brought the state airlines in Belgium, Switzerland and Austria under the umbrella of DLH with Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Brussels Airlines, ITA Airways in Italy has now become the fifth network carrier. On the one hand, the acquisition of the Italians is hoped for increased access to the Latin American and African markets, on the other hand, in Frankfurt and Rome, considerable synergy effects are expected, as well as a further strengthening of the Italian market and its own hubs, which now also include Rome -Fiumicino is added.

ITA will remain as an independent brand with its own identity. While Lufthansa invested a total of 325 million euros as fresh capital directly in the company as part of a capital increase, the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance also undertook to bring a further 250 million euros into ITA via a capital increase. Of course, the entire deal is currently still subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

Was ITA Airways incorporated into the Lufthansa Group?

The successor to the official Alitalia, whose livery is still worn by some of the current 66 aircraft in the fleet, currently employs around 4,000 people. At the moment, around 10 million passengers could be transported to 64 destinations served. These are divided into 21 domestic connections, 33 European and 10 intercontinental routes. The pure Airbus fleet currently consists of 66 aircraft of the types A220-300, A319, A320, A320neo, A330-200 and A350-900. Another model will soon join the company with the acquisition of the first A330-900neo.

After the airline had repeatedly emphasized the importance of the third largest economy in the EU in terms of gross domestic product for the Lufthansa Group in the past with the short guest appearance “Lufthansa Italia” in Milan Malpensa and the successful subsidiary Air Dolomiti, the new Italian subsidiary, now the fifth network airline in the Lufthansa Group.

In addition to its own hub in Rome-Fiumicino, ITA is of course increasingly focusing on the Milan market. It is still the largest airline in Milan – Linate and also serves another intercontinental route from Italy’s second largest city with the route Milan-Malpensa – New York-JFK. Naturally, Lufthansa sees further general potential for growth in the market from Milan onwards.

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