aviation: Innsbruck plant back at the new terminal building


Innsbruck Airport has resumed planning for the construction of a new terminal. This is to replace the current building, which dates back to the 1960s. The project was delayed due to the effects of the corona pandemic.

Actually, the excavators should have started rolling long ago, but shortly after the crisis began, it was decided that the terminal project would be put on hold indefinitely. Airport boss Marco Pernetta confirmed to the district newspapers of Tyrol that the planning is now being worked on at full speed again. He estimates that around 100 million euros will be invested. By the end of this year, we will be ready to start tendering for the construction work.

This year, Innsbruck will mainly invest in maintenance. The airport director said to the district newspapers that one or the other has been left undone in recent years that must now be made up for. But it would only be about minor things.

When asked about the acute shortage of staff, Pernetta admitted that employees from Vienna-Schwechat Airport would have to be “rented” in the 2022/23 winter flight schedule. This would have been very expensive, but at times one would have had no other choice. Innsbruck Airport is currently still in the urgent search for new acceptances for the areas of security and apron handling.

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