aviation: Data breach: Air Baltic has to disable web check-in


The Latvian airline Air Baltic is currently struggling with a data breach. As a result, web check-in is not available on many flights. The affected passengers must present their ID at the check-in counter at the respective airport.

The carrier informs the passenger by e-mail that due to a technical error, reservation data has been sent to other passengers. Put simply, this means that people who do not deal with confidential data have received a reservation confirmation from Air Baltic, for example, which they should not have received. In order to ensure that the tickets are not misused under a false name, the Latvian airline is asking the affected passengers to appear in person at the check-in counter.

For this reason, Internet check-in is not available on many flights. In a cover letter, the company emphasizes that there are no extra costs for using the counter check-in, which is requested. Normally, Air Baltic asks for cash if you have not previously checked in via the Internet.

The airline also emphasizes that no payment data is affected by the data breach. Those recipients to whom reservation data would have been accidentally sent would not have access to credit card information and/or comparable means of payment. Due to the data breach, no additional services can be booked via the Internet. These can currently only be purchased by phone, email and at the airport counter. This, too, has safety reasons, according to the letter from Air Baltic Boil.

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