Trolleys for Assistance

Dressing trolleys are a standard tool used by medical professionals across the board. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, made of different materials and ranging from about 250 Euros to 500 Euros. But what are these seemingly important medical tools? To understand what a dressing trolley is, we’ll need to break it down.


What is a dressing? What is a trolley?

Often to understand something it is easy to understand when it’s broken down. Let’s talk about what a dressing is in medical terms. A dressing is a sterile compress or pad that is often applied to a wound in order to facilitate healing and to shield the injury from further harm. Most dressings are made of a soft gauze or cotton ball. When medical professionals are in and out of patient rooms, they need a cart to have all the materials on hand. This is where the trolley part comes in.

A trolley is a unit on wheels made for the purpose of hauling people or materials around. Mr. Rogers famously talked to his trolley in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, which carried little people around. Shopping carts are often referred to as trolleys and a dressing trolley is no different. It is simply a cart or trolley made for hauling dressings at the nurse’s convenience.


What Goes on a Dressing Trolley? And What are Trolleys used for?

Think of it like a giant purse or backpack. Depending on the type of nurse you are you will have different materials in your arsenal. You may keep antiseptic wipes, gloves, and kidney trays. You may keep empty vials for a blood draw as well as tourniquets cotton balls and adhesive. You may instead keep surgical equipment or even dental equipment. There are a variety of things to keep in your trolley that will make your job as a nurse much easier. With all of these necessities at your fingertips, you can wheel around that trolley to each patient’s room and take care of their needs quicker than if you had to go pick up more materials for each new patient. It makes it much easier to bring all you materials and tools from the storage room and supply closet to you designated surgery room.

Dressing Trolly

You can buy different kinds of trolleys to fit your needs. They have them with one drawer, many drawers, or no drawers. They have them in stainless steel, and shatterproof glass. No matter your need, there is a drawer out there sure to be exactly what you need. If there isn’t a perfect trolley, you can buy extras to customize your very own! New wheels, extra drawers, and other necessities are available everywhere. Some places offer extras when you purchase a trolley. You can get soiled linen bags, medical storage units, and mops. You may also receive tray dividers, wheel castors, and glove box or sharps box containers.

Dressing trolleys are the backbone tool used in all different types of medical and dental facilities. The do all the leg work, carrying supplies to and from supply closets and from patient to patient. Nurses push the trolley from place to place resting in the fact that they have everything they need right there on the trolley. No need to run back and forth for trivial items. Patients can receive prompt, thorough care with all the running back and forth cut out. In a facility that likely houses anxiety for many patients and stress for many medical professionals, dressing trolleys are important tools carrying its weight in the background to help many people everywhere.