Exhaust Technology

Functions of an Exhaust System

Exhaust Technology is the scientific study of an automobile’s or any other vehicle’s exhaust system.  Anything that has an engine has an exhaust system (airplane, lawn mower, motorcycle, tractor, etc).  All engines require exhaust systems in order to efficiently run.

Basically, an Exhaust System has four total functions:

  • remove and guide away toxic fumes
  • noise control
  • better engine performance
  • improve fuel consumption.

exhaust technology

Exhaust Systems Make Vehicles Safe

For an engine to operate and run efficiently, the combustion chamber needs to burn air and gas.  In doing so, the engine releases emissions, which go toward the passengers in the vehicle and into the air.  Three of those emissions are extremely toxic to humans and animals:

  • nitrogen oxide
  • nitrogen monoxide
  • carbon monoxide

The Exhaust System, however, removes those emissions.  In other words, it makes the vehicle safe for both passengers and the environment.  This, really, is the Exhaust System’s most important function.

An Automobile’s Exhaust System

The arrangement and design of each automobile’s Exhaust System may vary depending on its make, model, and year.  They all, however, work in the same, basic way and, again, their most important, primary function is to make sure toxic gasses are kept away from passengers and out of the environment.

When the engine is running and the combustion chamber is burning air and gas, the engine’s cylinder head collects the emissions through an exhaust manifold.  The exhaust manifold, like a chimney, draws all the gasses from cylinders and lets them out through an opening called the front pipe.  The emissions are now exhaust gasses.

The exhaust gasses go through the catalytic converter, which eliminates the harmful components (including the three extremely toxic ones mentioned above), and converts them into inert gasses.

The inert gasses then go through the muffler.  Now, before going on, let’s examine why the muffler is even needed.  In basic terms, a sound is created from beats of alternating air pressure that go through the air at the speed of sound.  In the engine, those beats form when the exhaust valve opens and a high-pressure surge of gas all at once rushes into the system.  There are more science and deeper explanations, but all that is happening at this moment is essentially why your engine is rather noisy and quite annoying without a muffler.  Even automobiles that are designed to make cool revving sounds are controlled to make that sound with a silencer.  The normal sound is not cool at all.  Mufflers usually deteriorate over time and develop leaks and holes, so you’ll probably hear the loud sound the engine would normally make eventually.  Everyone usually does.  There are plenty drivers on the road who need to replace their mufflers at any given time.

Lastly, the fumes depart the system by the tail pipe at the end of the vehicle, where they are away from passengers.

Of course, there are more components, parts, pieces, and technicalities to the exhaust system.  This is simply a rudimentary explanation of what goes on.

Indications You Have a Problem With Your Automobile’s Exhaust System

You will probably know right away if there is a problem with your automobile’s Exhaust System.  It will smell nasty.  So, if you smell a bad odor, it most likely indicates that you have a leak.  And, if you have a leak, it is concerning.  It means that you and your passengers are breathing in dangerous fumes.  Roll down the window to minimise the risk and immediately schedule a repair.  It might turn out that your automobile simply needs an oil change.  Or, it could be a simple leak that requires an easy repair.  Or, the entire system might need replacing.  Either way, safety is the main concern and you certainly do not want to drive an automobile that is subjecting you and your passengers to deadly fumes.

It Always Pays to Check Your Exhaust System

Carbon Monoxide, one of the most lethal gasses, has no odor, so it never, ever hurts to ask a mechanic to look over your exhaust system every now and then.  Implementing the top exhaust technology ensures finding a problem early & could save thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run.